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Biz Doctor (Frank Miles) will encourage you and your staff to make productive & positive changes to improve your business and life. Phone or email  Frank now to see when he is available to discuss your needs.


Mobile 0413613615.

Frank is a Business and Personal Coach, Consultant and Qualified Trainer. Over the last 30 years Frank has owned and operated various successful businesses, including Building Maintenance & Equipment Hire, Landscaping, Concreting, Painting, Professional Systems, Real Estate Sales, Rentals & Training, Body Corporate Management, Development Construction, Coaching, Consultancy, and Training.



Frank has a passion and desire to help people enjoy and excel in Business and Personal life. Since 1976 he has attended business management and personal self help training courses.

Frank has attained a high level of knowledge and understanding in medium sized businesses. Frank has successfully completed  several Business Diplomas with Distinctions and Credits.

Would your organisation benefit from the skill of a Practical Coach / Consultant and Trainer


Advanced Diploma of Management

Diploma of Project management

Diploma of Management
Diploma of Business Administration
Diploma of Business
Diploma of International Business

Diploma of Occupational Health & Safety

Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate)

Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety
Certificate IV in Training  & Assessment
Plan Conduct & Review a Marriage Ceremony
Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training
Train the Trainer Certificate 
Real Estate Practice
Hotel/Motel Management and Catering


Thank you Frank, you and your company have helped grow our small business to a turnover in excess of $2.5m. This has been done in a managed manner over the last 2 years. The new systems, procedure, and management manuals have helped considerably with management of staff including conflict resolution, and the disciplines necessary with this significant business growth.

"Hi Frank the thing that has helped me the most out of training is keeping a paper trail of everything I do in a day. It has helped me to remember things I have to do. I couldn't count the amount of times it has saved me from forgetting to do jobs."

"Frank, the diary and "Daily Tasks" has helped a lot as well as setting dead lines. It helps in keeping things organised and nothing gets left to later dates. This has helped with the stress levels at work also keeping customers happy."





Franks Coaching and Consulting works in these main areas of Business .

  • Improve Profitability
  • Customer Service
  • Team Work
  • Time Management
  • Increase Sales
  • Change Management
  • Achieving Goals
  • Motivatiing Staff

How he works.

Franks methods are a perfect mix of new ideas and sound business know-how.


Frank only presents in English.

Want to know more?

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